Friday, June 27, 2008

~~Sun sea sand sky pt II~~ n other pics worthy to be posted :)

~~Sun sea sand sky pt II~~

Here are more pictures from the BBQ...some taken by me on Mus' camera :)
Oh, my canon coolpix died on me. It has a mind of its own now. Self activates the zoom function every time I on it and there is no way I can zoom out. The functions are dead. I guess I wouldn't be buying a new one in the new future..will use my bro's :)

fire starters
to be honest..I dislike standing in front of the pit to bbq
I can count the no. of times I tried to bbq in my life :P
*one hand can count liao*

Can eat liao?

As I mentioned in my earlier post, a bunch of us left the park at about 10ishpm. We had to call for a maxi cab :P It was rather economical after all! It worked out to be $4 each (there were 6 of us) from ECP to Orchard

While queuing at Swenson's

We gorged ourselves silly with ice cream at Swenson's

My 'turning into milkshake' GoldRush

Can you see a hand on my left arm?
I didn't even realised until i saw this pic




Dinner with Chrissy n Nicole

Nicole the photographer :/
yeah..that's half of my face..

Went for a walk at Thomson plaza
need to digest our dinner
"Mummy , Godma...look at my dog"


Pretty stranger that bump into me

My cat rendition
He's in the reflection...

Lastly, I finally met Rinaz :)

Why the towel? haa..To reduce the light exposure


Lonely Paul said...


krisandro said...

let me guess.. towel was Rinaz's idea..

Eileen. 静 said...

kris--hehee..yah! was her idea :)

paul-- *waves* hi there

rinaz said...

Hi Eileen,

It was really lovely to have met you and I hope to meet you again with Mus, hopefully we'll have a better picture next time :)

Julian said...

Just love the drama at the bbq! *guffaws* frozen unmarinated lamb!!! :D

Eileen. 静 said...

Rinaz- it was fun meeting you!

Jule- man hahahha.. you read mus' entries i bet. yeah.. the lamb was rather 'tasty'