Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The 4 S of BBQ- Sun, Sea, Sky, Sand

Sun Sea Sky Sand!


My music group had a bbq all the way at ECP on Saturday. It has been quite a while since I was at the beach~ Indeed it was a fun experience all together again :) Not to mention the hunks we saw along the way to our pit.

Try making a guess where the pit is. All the way right at the end of East coast park :) Far away from the usual MacDonald's crowd; an area where you can actually play 'Oh..aeroplane! Guess which airline is that" game (Yes, it is that near the airport ) .It is where the National Sailing Center is.. cool isn't it? Lots of hunks to ogle at you said? *flips hair.. actually not quite* It's a tad too far to be honest. But we did have fun after all.

Well, despite the initial hiccups we faced, it went on pretty okay. There were sufficient food, oh wait, strike that, there were surplus of food, you know why? Cos there was only one packet of charcoal -_-" Enough said.

Due to the extremity in location, 9 of us including 2 kids hopped on to a friend's loaned truck and were transported to Area G. It was my first time sitting at the back of an almost open truck~ Okay lah..I know.. no biggie..but it was to me.. :P I love it ! The breeze, the not so fresh air.. the thrill :P Then again, it is nothing compared to riding pillion on a bike :x

Yes, the 9 of us reached Area G in one piece .

Clear blue skies!

Yat looked like he is suffering . Poor him..had to cart 30kg worth of chicken wings all the way from Jurong to ECP. What did I contribute to the bbq? 3 packets of yummy onion n garlic sausages and a pkt of crabsticks.

Grinning..happy wind...

The far end...

It's a bird..it's a plane..

Wow..is it National Day already?
nah...just the usual practice

Snacks to munch on b4 the bbq

chicky wings

Can't wait to eat!

"I am just gonna munch on my garlic bread
and let those at the back take care of the bbq "

Do I look fat?

Oh, that's about all the photos I have~! The rest are with Mus~~! Mus..can you hear me? Let's try telepathy... *concentrate hard enough to send signals to Mus* photos~~photos~~*

Ah! I have one last photo for now.. it is quite a rated one..so be warn :P

Oh man..
Children..do not follow this~~

Shall update soon with more photos..

Having some fun at Mustafa
Taken n psed by him

would you buy this pair of sunnies @ $ 12.50?

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