Sunday, May 25, 2008

read all about it *weekend edition *

Yes, it's the time of the week once again for "what is Eileen up to over the weekend''

But before we go into that, let me show you my fav. bakery of the month!

Perhaps some of you already knew about this bakery, afterall it has been around for a year odd . There is this bakery located at Square 2 *Novena* whose boss is a nice friendly Japanese obaasan (grandma). The buns and breads at this bakery just appeals to me. There is a good combination of sweet and savory buns. At the moment, these two in the pic are my fave.

Buns from MaMa Bakery

These two buns really yummy, and the ingredients go well together. I was quite skeptic when I saw the combi. of crayfish and wasabi mayo , but i bought it nonetheless. In fact, this was my 2nd time eating the crayfish wasabi mayo bun ($1.80) .. coz I just couldn't get enough of it the first time. There were bits of roe in it too..making it a delight biting and bursting them * i love doing that :P* The wasabi mayo isn't overpowering , so don't worry that you will get that sharp pain of consuming too much wasabi :)

Generous filling :)
The mango seafood bun($1.40) is good as well. There's red pepper, ham, mayo, bits of bacon and mango . I guess in comparison I would opt for the crayfish any time..unless they ran out of it :)

One of their best seller is called the "chocolate bowl''--chocolate flavored bread with bits of semi sweet chocolate chips :) Personally I found that one okay.. just okay.. one thing good is that it is a big u can share with everyone at home! With that said, I still very much prefer those two buns
Chocolate Bowls~! ($2.50)

buns sitting pretty in baskets

So, if you are ever in that area, do give the buns a try!~ They also have an outdoor seating area :)

10 Sinara Dr
#02-06 Novena Square 2
Tel: 6397 6789


The stomp gang finally met up again after an absence of say 2mths? I meet Liz and Ivan pretty often so I guess it was about 2 mths or even more for some of the bunch. This meeting was suppose to have taken place last week, but due to some reason, the venue and date got postponed.

Whatever it is, we met and we ate! Liz, me and Cat were earlier than the rest so we ladies ended up shopping while waiting for them. Just in that 45 mins or so, I bought a pair of heels from Mphosis and a top from Double Index :X What to do, it was the start of the Great Spore sale!

Soon enough, we were all ready to move on to our dinner destination. We took a walk from Bugis to Tekka (little india arcade ) and arrived at Banana Leaf Apolo :) Yay...we had Indian food !
Nothing new for me, but it was sure a first time for some of us!

First .. you have to smell the banana leaf.... is it fresh? ( Alicia doing the sniff test)

Next, proceed to give the leaf a good wipe down (liz giving us a demo heeheh)

Now the leaf is ready to be eaten..
( Ivan volunteered to try )
sadly..due to "censorship "
i have been forbidden to post that pic

hehee.. okay lah, with this being Alicia's first visit to an sort of authentic Indian restaurant, she was just curious about eating off a banana leaf and wanted to find out if there is any smell and taste to it. Yes this girl actually tried licking the leaf! ahahhaha. And Joanna was telling us how someone would deliver the leaves and leave it outside the that got Liz abit worried about the cleanliness of the leaf... hence the wipe down hehe. Me? I simply dun care.. I just eat hahah. It was a fun experience :)

We just had to do some cam whore b4 eating :)

Long time no see
Alicia and Joanna

Happy girl :)

* after much persuasion , he agreed to take the pic*

Mutton Bryani
Love it!
The rice is nice..and I love the yogurt gravy as well as the curry

Tandoori Chicken

my fav. Palak Paneer (spinach cottage cheese) , Gobi aloo(potato n cauliflower)
*forgot the other one :P*

The dips goes well with naan and chapati

That's my fav.garlic naan...

It was quite a filling meal.. everyone enjoyed the food :) As it was still early, we walked back all the way to bugis again and settled down at TCC for some drinks . It was nice to see some of the bunch making their rare appearance for our dinner gatherings :)

*ps* Jules, when are we meeting again? Perhaps we can do lunch soon ..after your getaway hehe*

*pss* I have been toying with the idea of organizing a gathering/ semi party for my birthday 2 mths time The thing is, the only large scaled party I remembered throwing was the one on my 21st ..and ya yah, that was sometime ago :P I'll see how...

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*sighs* I was waiting for you guys at Waraku, no one told me of the change of venue....and as for meeting up...just holler! ;)