Saturday, May 24, 2008

3 yrs old! Happy Blogiversary Providence :)

Another yr gone by! And I am still blogging ... much to some of my friends 'lamenting' and still posting food pics. Blogging has become a part of my life I can very much say so.

Initially I started off blogging over at livejournal.. the blog is still there and it has less than 100 entries. Technically speaking, I have been blogging since 04, but only really put in the effort when I switched to blogger in 05..using another url ( ladybean). I had to forsake that coz I screwed up the blog template :P

As I went thru the archives, I realised how photo laden my blog has become. I guess I should maintain some balance here and try to even out the photo entries and text heavy ones :)

Anyway, just wanna say thank you ! Without my friends and online pals reading my humble entries, my blog wouldn't have been able to celebrate this day :)

I am grateful that you guys have decided to pop by *some even daily* to keep yourself updated with my life ( or just simply wanna kaypoh all means! you are welcome hehe ) Oh, thanks to all who have commented. Do continue to give me your support!!

Whatever it is, I hope to churn out more interesting entries in the near the meantime, happy reading and if you have a blog too, remember to be responsible for what you write..don't get yourself in trouble... (don't bother arguing about 'this is my personal blog and personal space ' doesn't work that way )



incognito said...

happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

belated blogiversary to ur blog, eileen! =D