Monday, May 26, 2008

Read all about it *Weekend Edition* Part II

There was a slight drizzle last night, but hardly suffice to lift the humidity off the air.. I just got back home and my room feels like a furnace. oh boy oh boy...

Anyhow, just be warn that this is another food entry :) photo heavy too :P

I should have posted this earlier..but somehow left it out .

14 May Wednesday

It was my rare visitation to IMM . Met up with pals, Yat and Khim for some quick shopping and dinner before going for our music practice at NUS.

Dinner was Secret Recipe and it was Yat's first time dining there.

Yat and Khim both ordered the fish with lobster sauce

This is my dinner- spicy mexican sauce chick.chop

Yes, we all have sweet tooth..
shared this with Khim

Yat's blueberry cheese cake :)

say ah~!!

Saturday 24 May

Being dateless, I answered to Khim's text msg to join her in town for some shopping. Knowing that Mus is dateless too, I kinda asked him along :) So there we were, all dressed in different shades of pink, taking the same train to town.

After walking around for awhile, Mus' hungry tummy was calling out to him. So I brought them both to Soup Spoon at Paragon.

Mus' Clam Chowder Set

Shared the mushroom one with Khim


Taken with k850, photoshopped by moi..
just some guassian blur

love this pic( grabbed from mus'blog)

Mus and I continued window shopping after Khim left as she has something else to attend to. It was really crowded in town and after all the walking, we got tired again. Every cafe was packed , but thankfully we managed to get a nice corner at Coffee club (the open air one opp. cine.) Glad that they have those big cooler fans installed! Otherwise we would have melted..

Guess what we ordered?

Taken with my phone again..

Well, I was kinda expected the usual tealight over choco.sauce setting, but was greatly disappointed by the way Coffee club serves it's fondue.. nevertheless, it was still yummy lah..

Nice ya?!?! Mus snapped it with the slr :)
cannot compare to my phone.. slr is good!

looking pretty........

Yes ..we love cam whoring...
aiyo..can die..whole weekend just
eat and eat..

Wkday eat simple soup dish so I can pig out over the wkend
Mum prepared the udon..personally I dun quite
like udon.

How can one resist the temptation to buy things especially during the GSS

Platform slings from URS

Patent Heels from Mphosis Sales

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