Thursday, May 29, 2008

Of more Indian food and cam whoring...

My mind is at a lost as to how should I start with this entry. Nah, nothing is really bothering me..for some strange reason, the words refused to flow as I am seated here in front of the computer.

Words sometimes fail us at the very moment when we would very much like to express ourselves. I know it happens to me.. There are so many things I would like to say..but where are the words when I open my mouth to speak up?

There are also times when I wish that a big hole from the ground could just swallow me up especially when someone tries to corner me or when am being asked the very question I have been trying to avoid. Don't you have moments like these ?

The irony is, when I do actually find the right words , I kinda lost my audience.. or the moment has passed.. that is truly a pain in the _____ (fill in the blank)

So much for that.. Here's some update usual with photos :)

Sunday 25 May

Brauhaus Restaurant n Pub
United Square

As you can see, I have sampled quite a few cafes and restaurants over at the Novena area in the recent mths. This time round, we were over at Brauhaus Rest. n Pub . It is located at the basement near to the fountain area.

I love German restaurants.. for the delicious juicy sausages as well as pork knuckles. This place boosts a wide selection of sausages as well as the well loved knuckles. There is also an extensive list of beers! A whole A5 size menu of it to be precise. Well, neither of us we didn't pay much attention to the beer list :)

I ordered the Spicy beef cheese sausage. They may not look very presentable..but it was good!~ I enjoyed every bite . If you prefer more variety , you may wanna try the sausage platter
as it consist of 4 different kinds of sausage. That's what he had ..but I was busy eating didn't snap that.. :x

I would love to go back again to sample the knuckles as well as the other items on the menu.. Brauhaus is much economical as compared to Paulaner :P (unless it's the set lunch ). Another well loved place for German food would be Werner's Oven. So many of my friends have been there...but I haven't. That's one place I would wanna conquer soon..

Two kinds of mustard for you..


Wednesday 28 May

I was greeted by huge fluffy clouds this morning.Did you see them too ? They reminded me of sugary sweet candy floss...

The day went on pretty okay and before I knew it, I was on my way to Little India to meet Mus, Khim and her bf (Alan) for dinner.

This sight caught our attention-so flexible..
he doesn't need a shop..wonder where he keeps the machine

Pre Dinner pose.. :P

Mus brought us to this Pakistani n India food coffeeshop along Desker Road.

Garlic naan is my all time fav!

Yikes! The butter chick is too oily :P

Not all photos are avalible right now coz some were taken with Mus' camera. I'll put it up once I get them :) *taps fingers on table impatiently*

We went shopping at Mustafa after the heavy dinner..

bangles galore.
Khim and I bought a few

Noooo.. I will never wear this lor..
but it is very comfortable hehee..
which color do u prefer?

How about purple?
*notice the person behind eyeing at mus?*
So which nightie would u buy?
"models" not inclusive

As the night goes on, most of us are getting tired and with a stroke of luck, Chrissy happened to be free , so she brought Nicole along to meet us and we all went for a drink at Coffeeclub (Clark Quay )

Bubbly Soda drinks..

I ordered the strawberry smoothie..
*tasted almost like Mos burger milkshake*
Argh! why pay $6 when I can have it at $2

Nicole being funny..
She took to Mus quite well and slowly warmed up to
Alan and Khim

Such a candid shot! Mus managed to capture Chris' expression at the nick of time




I watched this recently..

It's a 2004 production. Quite slow pace at times..but overall quite ok. The ending was graphical..with lots of gore and blood. It was a simple story about a middle aged man's dream to retire in Perth, yet due to his own doings and the way he chose his life, he never really got to fulfill his dream.

Whimsical mug!
Can't help taking a photo of was seated on the table.. and I actually wanted to wash it coz I saw the stains on it. Hahahaha..I am so blur.. After close inspection, I realised those 'stains' were actual print on the mug itself! Such a cheek in the tongue!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to buy that mug! But I thought that my eye would "itch" :p and i'll just have the temptation to go wash it, and it'll drive me crazy! Maybe i'm just a lil' OCDed :D

incognito said...

i also watched perth wen it was showing in the cinema. the best local movie if u ask me, very real. much better den that jack neo crap

ShiChen said...

I always thought Brauhaus was a pub when I pass by.. they got this joke about franks and schlongs lol.. go google it :P

its kinda like a dirty joke though

Eileen. 静 said...

ju--yes.i know..i was so tempted to wash it ... hahaha..

inco--yup..much better than jack neo movies..jack neo is getting so clinched..

shichen--brauhaus is rest.and pub.. the food is good..go try :)

schlongs..hmm..i just found out what is that..but couldn't find the joke. ah..u notti boy :P