Friday, May 30, 2008

Public Service Announcement -- No Anonymous Comments on my blog

I need to reiterate that I will not allow anonymous postings of comments again. It was a bad idea to change the settings to allow some good friends to comment on my entries without registering for an account. Damn...but before they can leave their comments, some ah kow (dog) ah tee (pig) already did that!

I have nothing against ah kow ah tee leaving comments..but at least have the bloody guts to leave down their names.. if really call ah kow..then say so .. dun need to feel shy!! it's better than being called anonymous!

But you see, these so called anonymous creatures left malicious and rude comments that's why they don't have the courage to leave their names down.

So , dear friends who are really sincere about commenting, pls pls just register with gmail okay? I have already send u the invites :) I really don't wish to deal with pigs and dogs.. I hope you'd understand. Thanks a lot !

Some people having been asking..'hey Eileen, why your blog no chat box ah?' Same reason, ah kow ah tee loves leaving rude comments and sometimes, even wanna act as my fashion consultant, giving me her 'precious advice' as to what I should or should wear. So there is no reason why should I provide a breeding ground for such creatures. That's why the chat box have been eradicated long ago.

So once again.. THIS is MY BLOG. I do not write about insensitive issues nor brag about my life. It's a place where my friends come by to keep themselves updated about my life and a place where I can share some of my thoughts as well as share with friends the yummy food I have been eating . I definitely do not welcome unwanted comments from rude insensitive creatures and definitely not people who keep claiming that they know me (yet refusing to reveal their identities )

peace... :P

1 comment:

PinkHippo said...

Dont be bothered by those strange creatures.

I enjoy reading your post. :)

BTW, I like your new look. You look good! Take care.