Sunday, June 01, 2008

Nibble Nibbling Fishy Treatment...

Do you know 5 mths have passed~? and it's already mid year~!!! Woah.. this year seems to fly in an exceptionally fast pace.. Already 1st of June :X So many things I need to little time! Carpe diem!

Saturday 31St May

We were up pretty early this Sat.. Guess what were we up to?

keen for some fishy therapy?
We were over at Qian Hu fish farm

It was nice and quiet at 9.30am
We didn't wanna fight with the crowd for the fishes
There are two ponds/ where the small fishes are

and this is the bigger ones!
That's my uncle being 'bitten' by the big fishes haha

My stupid phone cam failed when I tried to snap
the fishes nibbling at my feet..hence this blurry shot :X need to worry about dirty water as the pools are fitted with filtration machines.

Aunt fascinated by the fishes
"here fishy fishy... "

It was quite a nice sensation.. Feet does feel kinda smoother. Gotta continue doing it if you wanna see results . Oh..It is priced at an affordable $10 for 30mins! One of the cheapest actually.
Don't worry about bringing slippers or towels(those 'good morning' ones hehe)..they are being provided. You can bring them home if you like!

You can buy $1 fish food to feed the koi :)
They swam towards me as I approached the pond.. food for u guys!
This is good for family with kids

There are also other activties kids can engaged in when the adults are doing the fishy thing. Perhaps they may like to go longkang fishing .. $5 for 30mins (fish tank included) and the guppies are yours if you are able to fish them up :)

Mum, Aunt Ee and grandma were there too..but they weren't very 'adventurous' so didn't try the fishy treatment. Oh well..

Wanna get some unique pets?

We drove over to the nearby so call "Farm Mart" to see see look look..only to find out that it has been left to 'die'. The kind of shops there were quite 'chapalang' and not all were open. The place needs a total revamp..but then again.. will that draw the crowd again?

It started to pour heavily when we were lunch was settled at the 'restaurant' there. Business was good for this restaurant as many visitors to farmmart were stranded due to the rain so no choice but to eat there lor. We did some shopping at Causeway point after lunch before heading home..

Aunt Ee and Grandma..

Aftermath of lunch
We had curry fish head ..


Did you notice my new header? Here are the original pics from the header . You can stop viewing now if you dun wanna see them hehee.. no obligations. Taken by him during supper under my block..

Say hi..

Stick out your tougue...

ice milo ...

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