Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Of Dark chocolate tea time special & a Meaty affair

Sunday 5 May 08

What kind of cake is inside the box?

Ta da~~
Coeur Noir
Layers of dark chocolate mousse and sacher sponge, with brandy cherries and hazelnut dacquoise at the base.

Happy Birthday Mum~~


6pm Gilman Heights

Mus' Pre Birthday bBq

busy cam whoring...

It was a Meaty affair~~
no sightings of veggies at all....bad bad

It was a cozy gathering of sort as Mus had it planned super last min.
Some of the attendees

Helena was there too..
Gosh she looked so grown up here...
oh..she decorated the pic herself( using my phone)

hmmm..my backside view... :P

Birthday boy posing with the present a few of us
got for him :)

Drop by Mus' homely pad after the meaty session
As usual, the cat didn't like visitors...or maybe
the cat just didn't like me :o


Random pic from last week


sophisticated aka emily said...

the bdae cake that u bought for ur mum looks very delicious! And i miss the strawberry shortcake frm bakerzin~ Yum yum.

Eileen. 静 said...

yup yup..the cake indeed was good...
not too sweet... love it :)

jujube said...

you're looking really great (: