Sunday, May 04, 2008

Combo Entry-- of Food, Sunscreen and shopping buys

Can you feel the heat creeping up your skin, trying to permeate into your tiny pores? I don't know about you, but sunscreen to skin is as essential as water is to our bodies. I try to use products that contains SPF on top of a layer of sunscreen ... anyway..

I would say it's best to wear sunscreen everyday...and depending on how fast your skin gets red.. you may have to reapply the lotion after a period of time. Some dermatologists recommend a SPF of 15 to be the min. but the thumb of rule is still the higher the SPF , the better.. as the higher the SPF, the better it blocks out UVB rays. I usually buy lotions that are able to block out UVA rays as well..and those with PA+++ blocks out UVA better ( the more +, the better)

Try to apply the sunscreen 30 mins before you go out.

Some sunscreens I am using
*the make up base contains sunscreen too...
but is not a replacing for sunscreen*


The past week has been eventful like I mentioned in an earlier entry.. and my weekend is filled as well. It's my mum's birthday today (got her a yummy cake from bakerzin) and will be heading out for Mus' celebration in awhile. Dinner with mum will be next week.

With the tight schedule I am facing now, I am gonna update what I have eaten for the week..hehe.. Pity I didn't snapped the jap dinner I had on Wed. Was at Nara (gold hill center) with 2 friends. It's my 2nd time at Nara and this time round it was really packed~! Nara serves delicious and fresh sashimi but service staff should be more conscientious even when it is full house. We had to 'remind' them a few times to serve our dinners. Other than that, the food and ambiance was good ( we had a private area to ourselves hehe)

167 Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre
Singapore 307619
Tel: 62566568

Sunday 27 Apr.
Sushi Tei

Salmon Miso Soup

Korean restaurant(newly opened last week) (just next to Nara)

the food is being cook on the stove, kinda like stew. The soup's good, not too spicy. There's pork, tofu, veggie and a variety of mushroom. A very healthy dish~ You can eat it on it's own or with rice. The soup goes very well with rice. It is served with 6 different appetizers.

I love the anchovies and pickled radish

Thursday 1st May

Time for some catching up and shopping with Liz :) Been more than a month since I last met up with this dear friend. Sorry that I had to leave earlier that night ..

We had our dinner over at Soup Spoon. I up sized my meal but couldn't finish the sandwich :X

Tea Time with Khim


Eileen went shopping....
she couldn't resist the following

Okay,..that's it has been fun bringing you this entry

I am late... ciao

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