Friday, May 09, 2008

The one who cam whored at her gamelan practice

Eh..siao eh..ho bo?

Today hor, I decided to blog like an ah lian hor.. can not? Nemind lah..U can don't read la..just kua siong (see pics) lor

Yes, I am back.Got miss me not? Aiya, no choice leh..been busy.

Okay, bai saa (wednesday) was Mus' bird day...yah..his actual day was Wednesday.. so he and cuteboy XinWei they kong si (share) the cake then we sing happy birthday song after our music practice.

Eh, I now very sleepy ..dinner time liao.. abit yau (hungry) liao..waiting for someone then go makan. So you all just see photos hor? I come back later...then update more..

Young and Restless :P

She's back :)

Me and Bird day boy...

wah..Yat act cute leh!

Wondering what has captured Deyana's attention
Dunno she kua si mi

Make a wish...blow out the candles..cut the cake

*Happy Birthday Mus~~*

Oh.. must show u this..
swee bo? They buy from Solo Indonesia one
Wa su ka ..

Catch you later....
*aiyo...look at my eye bags...can die..*


ShiChen said...

That male friend.. he reminds me of the rock lol, nice smile there :D

The One They Proclaimed Qiang said...

hi thanks for the compliments =)

btw, the chocolate cake looks yummy