Saturday, May 03, 2008

Go watch Iron Man if you have not

Surprisingly I really enjoyed this guy flick. I was a fan of Robert Downey Jr back in his Ally Mcbeal days. Even at this age, he still has his charm...*bad boy charm*

Initially I was like 'oh, not one of those men in tightfitcan'tbreath suit saves the world movie again' when I saw the trailer,and wasn't too keen to watch it.

This movie has all the elements to keep the boys happy-- fast cars, action *bombs..war..* babes ( actually.. not really..) the metal aspect (machines and steel suits ) and fantasy.

It's nice to see Robert Downey back in track after his crappy episodes with drugs , booze and rehab . Oh, I kinda could empathise withGwyneth Paltrow (played his personal assistant) in the movie. Can't tell you why...only for me to know :P She seemed to have aged abit in the movie..or perhaps it's the hair color ..

Ah, do you usually watch the end credits after movie? I do.. and no exception for this one.. so just stay and let the credits roll.. stay till the end..dun say I never tell u..


Anonymous said...

hello hello...
Yes yes, is a nice movie!!


sophisticated aka emily said...

i liked this show like hell! personally, i felt that its even better than transformer. but its a tad too unrealistic esp the killing part & weapons. LOL.

OMG & i didn't stayed till the very end.. Argh!

Eileen. 静 said...

emily-- yah ..the weapons abit too drama hahah..

oh..after the credits, they kinda had a 30 sec. preview of the sequel.. yup..there is part 2

Suaku-- ooh u watch also? seems that quite a handful of girls enjoyed this movie ...that's good..

sophisticated aka emily said...

yeah. i really love this movie & i wanted to watch again thru online but couldnt find yet. =P