Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don't You Just Hate Pee Stains on Public Toilet Seats?

I dislike going to public toilets. I am sure lots of ladies share my sentiments. Guys may be wondering why their galfriends, wives, mothers..etc take such a long time visiting the toilets (minus the fact that female toilets always seem to have a queue)'s why. There are some important steps to be taken before we actually start to pee or poo :P Here's a senario

Upon entering a cubicle, first thing that greets you is how pungent the aroma is. Your eyes focus on the seat, which is somewhat dirty(could be dotted with spots of pee or unidentifiable fluid;pray hard it is not red in color). Your hands darted towards the toilet paper and you yakked it from the dispenser with great force. You begin to wipe the seat (notice that this action is done even on a dry toilet seat).

After you are satisfied with the wiping, you proceed to dispense more toilet paper. With paper in hand, you carefully place it either around the seat or line it across the seat. The paper has to cover the front portion of the seat(actually, this depends on how much your butt touches the seat ie how big or small your butt is :P) Now when this is all done, you are ready to sit down and proceed with the business.

You may ask why go through all these just to pee. Ah, do you know how much viruses are laden on the seat? And not to mention that we have to wipe away the left over pee from the last user!!? Of course I would chosen a different cubicle to use, but in times when there is a long que, one doesn't really have much of a choice. Sometimes I do opt for the squatting loo if it's vacant.

Okay okay...I know some females wouldn't go through all the trouble unlike me..they would choose to hover about the toilet seat. I really dislike doing that coz it hurts my knees :P Plus it's bad for the bladder too. Though I really salute these ladies as it is so difficult trying to avoid touching the toilet seat

I guess everyone does have some quirks when it comes to usage of toilets . Some people totally refuse to use public toilets and would rather not consume any water / liquid in case they really have to use it. I really don't care coz when you have to have to go. Some people can only go at some high end hotels or their own home toilets :X

The thing is if everyone treats public loos like their own at home, it would have been a much pleasant experience when it comes to using them.

So..pls feel free to share your loo habits if you have any ..share share leh..

Ps: i hope this entry hasn't piss (no pun intended) you off..but instead gave u a better insight :P

specially dressed up toilet seat for this entry kekeke


tstar said...

WAH! you put so much toilet paper! I just half-squat and aim properly, haha. Or sometimes after wiping I just sit if it looks clean enough, don't care also. Too troublesome to do all those.

Daphne said...

i is expert at hover peeing! but thn whn i have to do number 2, thn i wil line the toilet seat too.

first, i use dry toilet paper to wipe. thn i use wet tissue to clean the seat (always have wet tissue in my bag)..

then.. i will use the toilet paper to line ALL AROUND THE SEAT.. thn i wil sit and poo poo.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA ok this is too much info.. hahaha.

Serene said...

i also use the "floating" style.. good wat.. can tone up your thigh muscles at the same time.. 1 stone kill 2 birds! haha..

bottom line is i try to avoid public toilet as much as possible. the only public toilets i might use are those in hotels & airport!

Darran said...

During my BMT days, it was torture shitting, because there were cigarettes left behinds on top of the urine stains, so half squat there for a good minute if it is a quick one.

It gets really tiring if it is a long one, nonetheless it provides good endurance training.

Your Humble Servant said...

First of all, I really like your blog. Hehehe.

I feel so kesian towards girls la. Everywhere need to queue up and facing all this toilet troubles.

Public toilet here I think still OK. Especially at shopping complexes. Almost no smell. :D

W.A Musxzart said...

hahahahaha, ok, so now i know. thank god i am a guy. i just aim and shoot. just a like a digital camera.

aim shoot, and you are off to go!!!

hur hur hur...

Eileen. 静 said...

tstar-- yah..i know it's troublesum especially when really urgent..

daphne--perhaps i should bring wet wipes out also ..comes in handy :)

serene-- i just can't seem to handle the half squat or hovering heehe

darran--half squat to poo?

your humble servant--thanks ! and you sure have an interesting nick!
spore toilet no smell? not all lah..some shopping center ones are terrible

Mus-- okay.. what if it's for big biz?