Sunday, April 20, 2008

With my pal--of timsum, udders and scrabble

I met one of my partners in crime twice this week.. as usual, it wasn't prearrange :)

Monday night - Timsum @ sweechun ( in the vicinity of mustafa)

normal ..nothing fantastic
we kinda over ordered :x

we bought shoes from mustafa~

retro and colorful :)
very affordable! only $14.90


Wednesday--Udders and scrabble

I couldn't attend gamelan practice due to the swollen thumb ( cannot lift the mallet -_-'') I was over at the office and Chris swing by after her lessons and we feasted on more ice cream from Udders!

The run haha..I meant ram and rasins is really rich! strong flavor
I love the d24 as well
All the ice cream shown here has alcohol content except for D24

How about a round of scrabble to go with your ice cream?
Udders do have a few games for you to play...

Do bear with my slow updates.. been tied up with stuff. Will update again later~


ShiChen said...

gamelan? as in the instrument? that chicken looks good :P

Eileen. 静 said...

yes..gamelan as in the indo. music :)

and the chicken was alright..nothing fantastic though :)