Thursday, April 17, 2008

Of waterfront and skyscrapers

Waterfront Living..

I bet quite a few of us would love the idea of living by the water front... have a yacht of our own parked at the marina. And look out at lovely spectacular sunset view of the seafront through the full length window.. *pop* oops.. yeah..that was my dream hehhee..kinda burst for now..

Okay, enough of day dreaming..let me introduce u to the heartlander's style of waterfront living.

Ah yes.. no lack of lush greenery..and of coz water.
What is waterfront living without water right :P

There is also a jetty and a bridge

Waterfront living..a la heartlanders' style

all these and more....

take a whiff of the aromatic longkang smell when the wind blows

*ahhh...nice..* haahhaa


View from the 23rd storey on a overcast day


handmade card for that someone..

take a leap of faith....reach for your goals

hhmm..there seemed to be a problem with my firefox browser. It doesn't seem to work after the periodic update. I had to work on this post via Explorer and honestly I am not an explorer person. Perhaps I have been fox-ified :P


QuaChee said...

Surprisingly I wrote a near similar post on HDB living haha.

Aniway, I agree, living in the heartlands also quite alright... but my dreams on a real waterfront is still set :)

incognito said...

in a few years time there'll be waterfront living in punggol