Sunday, April 20, 2008

The One who is getting a little tired of blogging....

Perhaps I am getting a bit tired of updating... it seems that I am not writing as much as I would like to. My entries these days are all photos entries :P I can't find anything inspiring to write about. Am actually thinking of taking a break from all these.. should I? I feel that I can no longer write about my feelings without being scrutinized.

The probability of me starting a new blog is very high .It will be one just for myself where I can jot down stuff I want to express without the fear of being where I can just write whatever I want. We'll see we'll see. This blog will stay of coz..

As I am typing this out, Lynn and Jandy are both on msn with me. Dear Jan is away in land of the rising sun , so we are keeping her company online :)

This weekend was somewhat eventful.. and I managed to catch up on my much needed sleep.

Friday evening

I met up with the facebook pals once again after a mth :) It was dinner at Sakae sushi , followed by ice cream (again!) at Udders :P For the record, I didn't suggest udders. One of the guys did.

I guess I can really finish trying all the flavors by this coming week :P


The night with the gang ended for me at Udders, and they moved on to another place for drinks.


Southern part of Sinngapore :) it was low tide when we were there in the evening.. lots of tiny crabs happily hiding , occasionally coming out to peep at us :) It wasn't easy driving in, the roads were uneven and lots of pot holes. But it is really a nice place.. away from the buildings and people.

We stopped by the christian/catholic cemeteries for a short while on our way back. I have never venture to this part of Singapore before . Love the peaceful nature, the greenery , the quietness and the laid back feeling.


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jujube said...

I love the way you photoshop your photographs, adding little details and backgrounds..