Monday, April 07, 2008


I have been suffering from K800i withdrawal syndrome ~~~ I miss the phone camera. Ok, I have been looking around at the phones in the market and did zero in to some of the phones I may consider getting. Have been considering brands I have not used b4.. like samsung ( fiddled with friend's smart phone..not bad.. camera resolution is good ..but phone abit big leh)

I need a phone with camera res. at least of 3.2 mega pix. Oh well, this spare phone may not last long either, coz the volume is already faulty.

Have been taking food pics with old phone and the results are ugly. See for yourself ...

What has Eileen been eating over the weekend
Saturday dinner with family

We had hainanese food over at Chin Chin (Purvis Street...opp. Yat Con)


Lunch at Jalan Batu hawker

PUB Somerset Lor Mee-- Yah..this was the one I mentioned 2 weeks ago :)

I was quite affected by the terrible warm weather in the late noon..thankfully Lynn shared her ice kancang with me when I arrived at Plaza sing. We waited about 30 mins for Jan and Irene to show up :P

I guess it has to be the weather or it was just simply a very lazy sunday..we 4 girls didn't do much shopping. Instead, we end up eating most of the time.

Tea break at Secret Recipe

Lynn's salad and Irene's Ice tea

Delicious but overly creamy cake

Mix fruit snow ice at the basement

*mental block* I am pretty sure there's other stuff I wanna write about. Later then..


Anonymous said...

"I have been suffering from K800i withdrawal syndrome " <<< wat crap?!??!?!? u know wat is money? with that u can buy anything everything in this world


Anonymous said...

why always photo of food? got sexy photos?


Eileen. 静 said...


ah wang/ chong wee

u very free today hor? u dun dare to use your real name to post ah? hahhhha

incognito said...

pls dont get samsung. their phones are really brittle

Anonymous said...

get LG lah.... looks good


ShiChen said...

Ah, you could try getting the LG prada phone. I really love it :D