Saturday, April 05, 2008

Nicole and Godma went shopping in the afternoon

Hello people!

I hijacked Godma's blog again to bring you this entry~

Guess who did I spend the afternoon with today? No one at home was free to take care of me , so mummy asked godma to babysit me for a few hours :) It was fun hanging out with her!

Firstly, mummy, godma and I had lunch at Wheelock Sun with Moon. It was teeming with the office lunch time crowd. We waited 15 mins before we were shown to our table. I kept ranting to mummy and godma for some noodles.. noodles I meant the thick white thing called udon. That's my favorite japanese noodles~

Can you see the udon? This is mummy's saba set lunch

This is godma's Gindara set

It was a yummy lunch. As mummy had to leave for her course after lunch, it was just me and godma to accompany each other. We bid good bye to mummy at Borders, after which I ran towards the children's book section for a good read! I love Borders .. they have so many colorful books.. I love those pop up ones especially. But godma and mummy both think that they are too expensive :P
I found a nice cozy corner to indulge in my Shrek book!!
(pss..i am actually just looking at the illustration hehe)

After a good 30 mins of book flipping and people watching, I got totally bored! So, I told godma we should leave . Godma strapped me up in my pram and we went over to Scotts Isetan for some window toy shopping! Godma did a good job with the pram and all.. Usually it is mummy who does the job when it comes to going up and down the escalator with the pram. It's godma's first time~ and she passed with flying colors ;p Thankfully I am not some fat kid hehee..

It was heavenly at the toys department. I had a ball of a time .

most of the time I just wanna look and touch
I love those that produces music and sound

We decided to head down to Mac D for some rest and food as godma got tired of walking around and I got a little fidgety.

The hello kitty stickers and note pad that
came with my happy meal!
I pasted the stickers all over the notepad:P

I gave godma a hard time at Mac. hehehe. I refuse to eat until I used up all the stickers. Anyway.. I was feeling all tired and sleepy after food and promptly drifted to dreamland while waiting for mummy to pick me up.

I wonder if I snore.......zzzzzzzzzz

Thank you godma!! I had a fun time with you


ShiChen said...

wow.. I want to have that yummy looking chawamushi right now :(

Anonymous said...

nicole looks delicious


Eileen. 静 said...

shichen-- where got chawanmushi? hahahhha... both sets dun have leh:P

chongwee-- nicole is not food...*bish*