Sunday, March 30, 2008

the one who loves spicy hot soup!

Been craving for spicy soups the whole week..

One of the week day
Late dinner with mystery gal fren :P

Korean To fu soup

Spicy Kimchi soup

Saturday 29 March

I was around the Mountbatten estate for lunch today. We ate at the Jalan Batu hawkercenter. It's my first time there..and there is this huge stone in the middle of the hawker center..well, not surprising since the place is called Batu (stone).

He brought me there to eat his fav. lor mee. It is indeed good i must say. I obviously am clueless, I always thought that lor mee comes serve only in yellow noodes ( realised I haven't been thinking out of the box much ) gosh , I didn't know there are other choices.

He ordered the 粗米粉 (thick bee hoon ) with extra vinegar , chilli and garlic. The gravy is the right consistency, not too starchy..not too sweet either. Fish meat is fresh, with other ingredients such as char siew, ngoh hiang and fried wanton . It was a satisfying meal to the last drop. Now my only regret is -- I didn't take any photos of the lor mee!! why why why :x

Do try it if u are in the area. Jalan Batu Hawker center. It's just opp. SOTA (school of the arts..former laselle )
We went for a dip in the pool in the late afternoon. It was fun spending time at the pool. I finally managed to float on my back :P It has been something that I wasn't able to do so coz I was unable to let go of my fear. But yeah! I did it today :) my nose got sun burned though (have applied a layer of aloe vera gel )

oh yeah, my charm bracelet snapped as I entered the pool..I guess the bracelet brushed against the tiled walls of the pool...and it went deep down 1.4 m. I tried to dive down to retrieve it, but failed, so he got it for me. After which it was a series of diving games... at various points of the pool.. okay, it was fairly manageable ...just need some force to go down all the way to the 1.8 meters mark.

Gonna have to fix the clasp of my bracelet tomorrow..
Just bought this from NTUC

Packet of 4 $3 (considered expensive if compared to the others)

It's not the usual noodles, these are rice noodles. I must say this is one of the tastier instant tom yam noodles I have tried. It has the kick; it's spicy, sour and hot! Love it :P okay, suppose to be healthier too

burns my tummy :P 217 worth of calories

If you have been around Suntec lately, you may have spotted them :) The cute Beijing Olympics 2008 mascots

Playing with the sounds of the words, their names actually means 北京欢迎你 (Beijing welcomes you )


incognito said...

there's a lor mee stall in serangoon ave 1. the owner puts fried fish into the lor mee. very nice

Julian said...

Thanks for the translation, for me right? ha ha And hey who's the mystery guy friend? :P

Eileen. 静 said...

hey..thanks Neil for the recom. me not very famil. with serg.ave 1 heeehe.. yah..the one i ate has fried fish too.. :)

Ju- what to do..for the ease of most people i guess.. realised i haven't been writing in chinese much these days? hehehe i should start soon! (without translations haha)

eh..where got mystery guy fren? the one i had dinner with is a girl..but she dun like to take photos.. :)

ShiChen said...

Even the mascots have a chinesey look lol, looks like a china made teletubby :P

QuaChee said...

love the names of the mascots - very smart indeed - and they comes in 5 some more - clever marketing haha.