Monday, March 31, 2008

Of Vantage Point and My blue berry pie nights

My latest past time ( if i am not out with someone or simply having a restless day) would be watching movies that I missed out when it was being screened in the cinemas.

My BlueBerry Nights

This is 王家卫(Wong Kai Wai) first English movie. I have been watching his movies (not that many ) since 'Days of being wild' (阿飞正传). Somehow there is this melancholic air/mood to his films, and most of them have a slow pace . If I have to choose, I would say that 'In the mood for love'(花样年华) is my favorite wong kai wai film. It starred two of my best love actors- Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung

My blueberry nights showcased Jude Law(drool factor 10/10 ) , Norah Jones (first movie) as well as the pretty Natalie Portman.

The director describes it as "a story of a woman who takes the long route instead of the short one to meet up with the man she loves."

As with most of his films, there is this laid back air to it , yet it doesn't make you sick. It is a love story with a arty feel to it. Norah Jones was okay for a first timer and she looks quite sweet in the movie. What can i say about Jude Law.. love his accent and his smile :P

Blueberry nights refers to those nights when Norah Jones was feeling down and had ventured into Jude Law's cafe for chats, smokes and a slice off the untouched blueberry pie in his cafe.



This is an animated film portraying the life of a young Iranian lady ( Marjane Satrap) who went through the war and revolution days of Iran in the late 70s-80s. It tells of how she struggled with herself as well as her own identity, it is a sort of coming of age tale. The film is based on Marjane Satrapi's autobiographical graphic novel of the same name. (I learned more about Iran after watching ) -_-''


Vantage Point

Caught this over the weekend at a very large cinema hall (Prince) No need to jostle with the crowd, no worries of tickets being sold out ...and get to share the hall with just a handful of movie goers . One thing though, the cheese that comes with the nachos was very diluted as compared to those at the Cathay :P

This movie is different :P It kinda bring you through the events that took place once and then it takes you back to the point when it started, allowing you to see how the events unfold from 8 different people who were involved in it.

Dennis Quaid and Matthew Fox

Overall it was okay..managed to keep me to my seat without falling asleep. Sigorney Weaver had a role in this film, though not one of the leads.. and also starred Matthew Fox . I used to like him during those days of " Party of Five" Did any of you watch it in the 90s as well ? :)


ShiChen said...

Ooo another sigourney weaver movie, actually I have not watched any of her shows apart from the alien series..

Eileen. 静 said...

nah..this isn't really her movie. her screen time was very short..