Thursday, March 27, 2008

A day at the movies

What have I been watching

This was wonderful. Tim Burton! He and Johnny Depp work well together :) Totally love Sweeney Todd for the songs and great storyline . It's the ang moh version 人肉叉烧包

How can I miss this.. It has Patrick Dempsey in it :P Mc Dreamy from Grey's Anatomy . It was a feel good movie about love and following your heart and dreams :) Incidentally , both movies have singing..I love musicals

Ok, watched this last week at Causeway point :P coz someone accidentally clicked on the wrong cinema while booking online hahaa. It was my first time watching a movie there. I didn't even know that we were watching this until we collected the tickets :P

Honestly, it was a C grade comedy. Though I did laugh thru out the movie, can't help it, it was a no brainer (full of lame jokes) . I don't know anyone starring in the movie, except of coz Will Ferrel and this nurse (Maura Tierney) from the drama ER.

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