Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Century Egg (皮蛋)Sushi anyone? Lunch@ Hamoru

We love Japanese food ~

Dear Liz and me were joined by our dear friend Julian for lunch at Suntec's Food Republic. The place was filled with shoppers and office workers , filling their hungry tummies with delicious food :P If you like Jap food like us, you should give Hamoru a try if you haven't by now :) It is my 2nd visit but first for Ju and Liz . They offer a variety of dishes , from bento sets to sushis , sashimi as well as yakitori. The fare is pretty decent and did I mention no service charge ? ;)

Here's what we have eaten

Avocado, salmon maki with century egg *gravy* toppled with roe :)


Bento set


Liz n I have one each of this ..Julian found it 'unique'
We love century egg~!
I first ate this with mr A few yrs back and have since fell in love with this dish


Eggplant for Liz

Happy Friends

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Julian said...

Nice crop work..hee hee and it was fun! Have fun tonight! *hugs*