Thursday, February 21, 2008

Of one with a fidgety disposition at 2.30am

Wed.20th Feb

Liz called while I was browsing thru some sales bin at Tangs lingerie dept . I had to drop the g string I was holding on to and rummaged thru my small shoulder bag for my ringing phone :P

It was a last minute decision to meet for dinner.. all done in 5 mins ! We really wasted no time hahhaa. So I paid up didn't buy the g string lah and went to meet her.

We had porridge at Chinatown! Love this stall.. (sorry..i dunno the name of the coffeeshop.but it's always crowded..)

Liz is one of the ladies I got to know from Stomp..I am actually quite surprised that I can get along so well with her :) I mean I know myself best, I am not the sort that gets very chummy with ladies easily unless I know them for quite sometime :) Liz can be considered as one of the closer forum friend I have . (yes there are still others ...don't get jealous know who you guys are :P )

There wasn't much to shop in Chinatown so I suggested walking towards Central @ Clark quay. It was Liz's first visit to this mall ~~ and she loved the many Japaneses cafes and restaurants at this place :) We came across this new ramen place (hidden in a corner) and she kinda booked me for dinner there liao! Have yet to try all the restr. there hahahah. So far only dined at 4 of them :P

After all the walking around the mall, we decided to have desserts at this place on level one

They serve the same kind of dessert as found in MOF.

Well..that was it :) We'll be meeting soon for more gossips heart to heart talk and chatter :)


Tuesday 19 Feb

My dear cousin Weimin went back to Canberra once again for her school term. The clan sent her off last night at T3. She wouldn't be back till June I think..

T3 is really pretty quiet.. as compared to the other two. All the shops are in operation already. I guess this is the best time to check out the F n B outlets as it isn't that pack yet .

Ate the same old stuff.. Popeyes ...yup..they have 2 outlets at the airport..T1 and T3 (B2 food mall--right next to Kopitiam food court)

the biscuit has to be eaten hot! Doesn't taste gd once it cools down.
The whip is way better than KFC

I was travelling east, central and south all in a matter of mere hours on Tuesday night.

6 pm--Airport

8 pm--Airport--home

10 pm--home to Orchard *Ice cold beer with Chrissy n Mark* They loved the chicken wings

12 am-- Orchard to home

1 am--Home to Woodlands Check point then JB :P went in with someone (with the sunroof opened...messy hair )

3am--Jb to home * gracious.. I had to keep someone from falling asleep behind the steering wheels! *adrenaline pumping time!*

I must have been on the road for close to 2 hours + out of these 9 hours..

I should sleep...


Julian said...

me wans mum mum with y'all :(

Eileen. 静 said...

let's meet soon~~ i am meeting liz again next mon.... r u free hehee