Friday, February 22, 2008

Ladies--Do you 'taee' when you talk to men? Men do you enjoy it or it is a major turn off?

Okay, let's have a show of hands how many of you reading this now actually talk in a sweet ,gentle, sing song manner (otherwise known as 'taee' in local context ) when conversing with men? Have you heard your female friends suddenly sound different when the special someone calls her up on the phone ?

One moment she was using her 'normal' voice talking to you, and next, there she is sounding so saccharine sweet . About 60 % (just my rough observation :P ) will take this up to another notch...that's when the "taee'' voice comes about. Of coz not every girl will taee..and not every girl can taee well~! It just sounds very wrong if one overdoes it.

Men.. do you like it when your gf/wife uses her taee powers on you? Do you give in to her wishes when she speaks that way to you? I know that some guys seriously hate it when their female friends uses their taee voices. Oh, do note that taee doesn't equate to whine. Taee is more like 嗲声嗲气 and abit of 撒娇as well :)

Sometimes, females just wanna inject some spice to their otherwise boring and stale relationship.. and by talking this way (at the right moment) can add a touch of childlike innocence to the relationship :P

Who are our ''taee'' victims ?

Mothers* at times *

The main reason as to why we do it--

When we need guys to do things for us to help us in times of need

Yes, females do speak like that to other females too.. but not so much with their peers unless in a playful manner :P The thing seems to work well when used on men :P Of coz..i have to reiterate that some men find it rather disgusting and a major turn off when women talk like that.

So pls pls try to modify and tone down if your man hates it when you taee :P

Mind you , I am not encouraging this form of behavior.. :P Don't overdo it! Otherwise, u 'd end up sounding like some *ahem* china street lady


jujube said...

tehe my friend said i sound very sweet when i'm on the phone with anybody else that i don't know well, but i've never realized lol.

Oh, and they say when I say "pleaaase" also! :D

ps/somehow i cant use my wordpress ID :(

vangardx said...

tgk mood jgk..kadang2 kalau timing salah..taee approach doesnt work, kena marah lagi ada lah..haha

Eileen. 静 said...

alamak... saya dunno that much malay..

but vaguely can understand what vangardx is saying lah :p

ALeX said...

Well..the average tom, jom, dick and harry would fall for that power of "taee-nism"..Well in the end it's all about the right timing and striking the right yeah, men (majority-ly saying..) would be turned on by it.

On the other though, i also noticed some of my male friends act that way too with their partners...what say you? Are females equally be turned on or a major turned off? Haha ^_^

vangardx said...

ok aileen next time ill try to write in english when dropping a comment in this blog.. :D

Anonymous said...

Dont needa do it.. men just need their ego boost only. *shakes head*

Eileen. 静 said...

alex--good point..some men do it too! some do it with a touch of chic and class...but most of the time my hair stands when a man taee :P

angel--heheeh.. and quite a handful of girls are most willing to help do that ..:P