Saturday, February 23, 2008

Of Keppal Bay and the one with many lipbalms

PMS hits Eileen again....

So here's another of her random entry.

Thursday 21 Feb

Eileen was here :)

Do drive in and take a look if you are around Vivo or HarbourFront. Drop by Prive for a drink...
Eileen was there with Chrissy, but didn't chillout at Prive...will do so perhaps in the weeks to come :)


Was bored at the office..left earlier than usual..


Chocolates from him. Gonna last me for awhile hehe


Why does Eileen have that many lipbalms?
That's becoz she has a habit of buying one each time she forgets to bring it out.
She applies lipbalm as and when...even at home :P


ShiChen said...

Keppel bay looks really nice from that shot. I never seen it like this before.

rinaz said...

Cherry kiss flavoured nivea lip balm is my favourite. Been using it for years :) It smells nice and has a nice colour. And its cheap too. No need to put lipstick .. hehehehe

ruth said...

haha I have the same prob also. yeah I have 3 of the 6 you have in the pic plus another one which I think I misplaced somewhere in the house... Except I buy then forget (and never use). Then buy a new one when I'm inspired!

Eileen. 静 said...

Rinaz-- nivea has a new range if i am not wrong..i used to have one..until i misplaced it :P

Ruth--phew! so i am not alone in this lipbalm 'collection'~~ :)

Shi chen-- the pic was taken from the Marina :]