Thursday, January 03, 2008

台北我来了!!Taipei trip (IV) --of culture and wonderful memories

*warning..image intensive entry*

This will be the last installment of my taipei trip :P Let's see...where did I stop the last time??

Oh yes.. Jiufen.. yup..we left the quaint little town at about 4pm...with me walking down hill with my sole-less shoes. Our cabby was already there waiting for us. Kinda sad to bid goodbye to this lovely place. Would love to visit again in another season..spring would be nice!

We stopped by this place for photos.. *what should I call it? mountain river? waterfall?* Love the view..and the cool breeze :P

oops..cannot really recall where did we go after this. If I am not wrong, we went back to the hotel for a quick rest and then took a cab to 五分铺..that's where the wholesalers are. After stomping around the many many lanes, our tummies were rumbling and it was off one of the night markets nearby ..about 15 mins walk ( I got the night markets mixed up liao :P)

We withdrew money from this pink atm lobby! how cool is that :P

pukii the bank mascot
( i think pukii means something else in another language :X)

My memory is failing me big time :P I believed our next stop was Eslite bookstore. We actually went to the 'wrong' branch..coz didn't find out before hand which was the 24 hours one :X So we cabbed to the 24 hours outlet and hanged around there for about an hour or so.

1 am.....

Got hungry at 1.30am...
yummy instant noodles from 7 11
(there is one at each corner of the street)

3.30am--lights off..zzzzzzzz

Tue 25 Dec Christmas

Snack attack

Mister donuts

Taiwan Storyland 11am

All about living in the 60s~

we were being taken back in time~!

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

National Theater

Election's round the corner..we saw this group protesting
in front of the 自由廣場

It's foody time again after the visit to memorial

Just had to try the main store for ourselves~!
lots of tourists love visting dingtaifeng..
Hkers, Singaporeans, Japanese too

I guess we spend too much time relaxing after much so we didn't have
enough time to view the exhibits at our next destintation :[

National Palace Museum

What a pity..I would have loved to spend more time at this museum. But nevertheless I managed to see the famous jade lettuce and the hundred horses painting :)

It was about night fall as we bid goodbye to the grand museum. Yeah, it was only 5pm but darkness was slowly descending upon us. Without wasting a single minute this time..we cabbed once again to Mirama Shopping Mall for our ferris well ride! I know it was nothing to shout about..but since we were already there..might as well go up rite :P

That's us posing in the cabin

I am getting tired.. and this trip is almost coming to an is my entry :P

Time to rest our tired bodies..can u guess where we went after the ride?

Spa.... hehehe..the 3 of us in one tub..
(now ...dun let your thoughts run wild)

This has been one great Christmas day. We actually squeezed so many things in a day. Finally had our 'dinner' at 11.30pm. 麻辣火锅!! We went to the one near our hotel in XMD :) They close at 2am

I gave the ma la side a try ...wah! terrible.. it burnts! All I had was a tiny piece of chicken. Jandy and Irene managed to swallow a few pieces of veg and meat from that pot and that was it. The pot was left untouched after that.

26 Dec

Home sweet home....

We didn't had much sleep after our hotpot. Got back to the hotel..packed.. bathed... it was already 3am. To think that our airport transport was to fetch us at 6.30am :P Oh well..this entry concludes my taipei trip. I sure hope you guys had fun reading as much as I had fun posting :)
I would have to say there weren't any major disappointment from this trip just that it rained a fair bit...and I am happy and pleased with the kind of services we received during our short stay . Oh, how can I forget the friendly citizens of Taipei. They were more than willing to make small talk and also helpful when we needed to ask for directions. It seems that we singaporeans still have quite a long way to go in terms of level of services .

Packing at 2.30am....

All packed and waiting for boarding..


W.A Musxzart said...

Wah, looks like u had fun ler!!! so shiok. so, where is my present????? hehehehe...

mrsc said...

So thats the famous meat instant noodles. Anyway how come your credit card can be used to withdraw money overseas?

Eileen. 静 said...

mus--ahem...present ah? er..hehehhee.. *runs away*

mrsc-- yah yah..the noodles ish velly velly nicey. miss it liao...

err..most c.card or debit card can be used to withdraw money overseas one.. :)