Saturday, January 05, 2008

of last 2 days of 2007

Sunday 30th Dec

I guess some of you should be able to guess where was I on Sunday. Yeah, was back at Animals Lover league again :) I was glad to be back after an absence of 2 weeks.

There is a new addition to the doggie family.

Bee bee is a lab.puppy... cute rite!? We adore her to bits!

This old friend was by my side that day...

lazy fellow! He was literally slumped against me...


We left around 5ishpm..just before it started to pour.

Dinner...was taiwan porridge over at Upper Thomson :)

Monday 31st Dec

Spend this day with dear Mr n Mrs Lim ( Vince n Lynn ) , Jandy and Irene :) . oh, yup..i have two sets of Mr n Mrs lim :P Vince n Lynn hardly make their appearance on my blog *camera shy lor* But both of them are my blog's loyal readers *thanks dear*

It was a simple affair. We all gathered at Lynn's with Jan being the latest to arrive :P Shared our taiwan photos with the lims and we were all too lazy to head out for Canadian pizza it was.

It was laughter, chatter , and tv time after dinner and it seems that pizza wasn't enough to satisfy our hunger... Jan suggested going for bak gu teh :P

So it was off to Balestiel for Founders... and I made it home in time to watch the fireworks at mid night :)

View of the city :)

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