Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dinner @ Da Paolo (Christine's Pre Birthday Celebration)

Sunday 30th Sept

Da Paolo Il Giardino @ Cluny Court (Bt. timah)

What's the occasion this time you asked? Yeah! smart of you to have guessed that we were at Da Paolo for a special occasion :) It's Christine's birthday this coming Wednesday so we were celebrating in advance on Sunday

It was our first time at Da Paolo.. hence I had a little trouble finding where the exact entrance is to the restaurant :P *I seldom venture to this part of Singapore.. though there is a bus that ply from my place to bt timah :) * It only takes me about 25 mins..I guess I wouldn't mind exploring that area from now on ( lots of other cafes to try along the stretch~ ) . Oops I have digressed from the main topic haven't i :P

Here we are at Da Paolo :)

romantic walkway to the restaurant

that's me at the walkway.. :P
camera was in the wrong mode haha

There are al fresco seatings , but we chose indoors
The outdoor dining area is cozy and romantic
ooh..the photo doesn't do justice to the place :P

Reservations are a must on most days
since the place is not very spacious
Indoor dinning area :) Nice wood panels
and granite cladded walls

Open concept kitchen
where u can peep at the chefs at work

We had a round of calamaris to share and ooh
2 servings of bread to fill our tummies while
the chefs prepared our hand made pastas!

Once again...the photos doesn't do justice to the food..
the handmade pasta's delicious ..I had the homemade spinach pasta --
diced prawns, scallops and "laced" with saffron

We were laden with too much pastas in our system so it was home sweet home after that.

with naughty nicole after her bath...

That's it for now... more later!!

more about Da Paolo restaurants -- http://www.dapaolo.com.sg/home.htm

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mrsc said...

The walkway looks abit like something out of incredible tales :x