Sunday, October 14, 2007

activities of the nocturnal

Saturday morning..

it's 4.39am and i have been awake for the past 19 odd hours!!! Just like last friday, I did a part one and part two earlier..oh..there's even part 3 this time.

Part one

met fellow Stomp pals for dinner at Raffles City SoupSpoon..adjourned to marina for coffee...we split up at around 12mn..

*click for larger image*

part two

Met FB pals at geylang for tao huey (soya bean) ( about 20 people turned up :P ) Apparently soya bean just couldn't do it for the gang... we needed something stronger . Hence some of us were overjoyed to hop by to Wine Affaire for more chatter, banter and the bottles.

A cozy home like place where u can laze with a few friends,
sit back in the couches and indulge in a nice bottle of wine

I couldn't really take any pictures(with my sucky phone cam)
since the only
illumination came from a few tea lights.
Definitely brings the cozy level up a few notches :)

here's the group! captured under eye blinding flash :P

The conversations between the groups were quite diverse
I was quite spaced out by then (2-3.30am)
and was just making sporadic remarks and chats

listening to -- on the side of me (Corinne May)


mrsc said...

Wah so many people like hei she hui lol :P

incognito said...

ivan looks different

Eileen. 静 said... just happen that new comers join us that night..and no.we are not 黑色会 :x

incognito-- u met ivan b4 ? *scratch head* wondering who are u...hahhha