Saturday, August 04, 2007

Paprika !

No..not the spice~

Hee..this is the Japanese sci fi. animation. I watched this on Monday evening with my movie kakis. Jay Zhou was having his meet the fans session there too (The Cathay) for his new movie~ I was so close to seeing him..but no lah.. so crowded :P

Back to the movie! It was a very colorful film and simply love the way how one scene easily slips into another, though I couldn't understand some of the 'scientific' explanation about the device where one can use it to enter someone else's dream. It was all so whimsical, so disturbing at some moments and much like how dreams are suppose to be.. surreal. The music is a plus! Very catchy, very playful..

Go watch it coz it will be ending its run soon.

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