Sunday, August 05, 2007

I don't like it..

I just realised I haven't been writing much about how I feel, about my emotions of late. Perhaps I am afraid of how others would try to dissect me or try to read too much into what I have written. So my entries these days are pretty straight forward and quite predictable actually.

Still only I have the rights to dictate what gets posted here, regardless. I very much wanted to just write about what happen last night between me and mr A, yet, I am being held back. It shouldn't have been like that... who am I bloggin for at the end of the day?

The issue with mr A has been on going for the longest time, just that the problem wasn't nipped in the bud and it just dragged on and on....neither party really put a full stop to it. It's about time..

Ok, moving on...something totally random

I wore my hooded top out for lunch today :)

oh, did I mentioned that every household in my block gets a new flag? Yeah, I saw the flag fluttering in the winds when I got home. I suppose the town council or RC people have been going around . My block's really quite empty, as in not many residents bother putting the flags up.. hence RC has to step in . 'Make sense' since my block is facing the main road...

Gosh this is such a terrible entry... gotta end this .. i am out of sorts.. who knows what rubbish I may post if i continue . Good nite.

Just for fun -- Simpsonize yourself..

listening to : Sweet memories - Olivia Ong

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