Sunday, August 05, 2007

give me krispy kreme anytime!!

donut factory is only half as good as krispy kreme..

perhaps i tried the wrong flavours.. but not much choice left when i was there(the pop.ones were sold out ...i only bought 2....really wouldn't want to que since i am not buying alot. The ones I bought were hazelnut choc and another one that has almond bits on top. They were not bad..but not something i would eat again. Oh, I like the softness of the dough though! thats one good thing hehee...

But still , they aren't comparable to Krispy kreme :P I ate krispy kreme straight out of the fridge and guess what, the dough isn't still had a certain softness.. after those long hours of flight! haha.

Oh boy, gotta wait for Weimin to be back for her holidays.. she is my k.kreme supplier!

more food entries coming up!

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