Monday, August 06, 2007

A visit to Muthu's Curry

Aunt was craving for curry..and what do you do if that happens? For her, she wants to pig out! So, it was Saturday lunch @ Muthu's Curry along Race Course Road. I was surprised that gone was the run down place and it has transformed into a 'posh looking' restaurant. Business seemed thriving when we were there on Sat. There were both locals and tourists among the diners.

Actually I am not big on Indian cuisine, but still, it is a refreshing change to have Indian food once awhile.

What they are famous for--- Fish head curry
fish was fresh! and the curry goes well with white rice

The prawns were a regret. Far too expensive and very tough. What a waste of those tiger prawns. The cabbage's nicely done..luckily not too spicy. My fav. would be the spinach paneer and mutton. I love those cottage cheese :) and mutton isn't tough and the curry's just right for me!

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