Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Post birthday thoughts

dazed look after being 'beaten' by mr booze .......

Post birthday thoughts

It has been good, being able to bask in the limelight , to be treated like a 'queen' (thanks to dear Lynn) . Honestly, after my 28th year..birthdays don't seem to be like what it used to be. Not that I don't look forward to it, yes I still do with enthusiasm. Yet, something in me died as to regards to birthdays. Could it be the fear of aging? Have always been trying to do that with grace, though the inner child refuses to be sedated..

I have much to give thanks to...

my family who allow me to be who I am..

my friends who stand by my side regardless (unless some of you are preparing to dump me? noooooooooooo*wails* )

those who came into my life for that short moment.. thanks for the experiences and memories. I hope you have learn valuable lessons from me as well.

Birthday wishes? I shall just keep them deep in my heart for now....

oh, before I forget..thanks for the presents and cake~ ( Liz, Cat, Julian, Lynn, Chris, Eve, Elle, Alicia(s), Ed, Jac etc)

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