Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Birthday meal III (Cafe Oliv n Cheesecake Cafe)

Sunday 29th July

Are you getting tired of all the birthday posts? Okay, I promise this and the next entry will be the last! hahaah.. who knows u guys might actually like looking at the photos :P

So there we were, having dinner at this cafe along East Coast Rd . I got to know Cafe Oliv when I was browsing some blogs and did a search. The reviews by others seem pretty promising and positive , so I thought why not give it a try. Besides, it's always good to get away from town on a sunday evening. I have always love east coast many things to eat and it isn't that crowded.

Food at the cafe is tasty.. at least the 5 of us found those we ordered yummy. My fav would be the lamb shank. It's not tough, easy to bite and the mash potato is nice too. The decor of the place is pretty whimsical.. with cutesy drawings of trees, of a cat and bird cage.. ( You can see from the picture) Strangely we were all dressed in black again. Yes, it is one of our favorite color.

Here's what we ate..

It was off to Cheesecake cafe next after our yummy dinner. It was about 9pm when we arrived at the cafe. This place is always packed~ regardless of the day of the week. Actually 9pm is a bad timing. Most people wouldn't choose to leave at this time coz it's still quite early :) Anyway, it was full house and we were told to wait for an available table. Thankfully the wait wasn't too fact... less than 5 mins hehe..coz a party of 4 left and so we managed to get a table inside!
This is the first time I get to be seated indoors :) Anyway this place needs no introduction... let the pictures speak for themselves.

inquisitive little one

<3<3 I adore mini pond and quaint! shaky hands..
it's not easy taking photos without flash

this came out lovely~~

we love our cameras...

darn...I took a darn long time resizing the photos and decorating them :P
It's time to sleep! More updates coming up... stay tuned~!

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