Monday, July 30, 2007

~~Happy Birthday 生日快乐 ~~

Thanks to all my dear friends for your well wishes and birthday greetings! It's always nice to know that I am being remembered by you guys! *huggies* In case you don't know.. it's my birthday today!! Yup yup..Monday 30th July. ( my age? well.. very simple... see my blog url... go do your math.. :P)

Saturday 28 July 07

Was over at Edwin's place for a rather s-l-o-w session of mahjong on Saturday (28th July). Was it the rain that made everyone sluggish or was it because everyone at the table simple wasn't in the best of form? It was quite a torture I didn't even "hu" a single time.. I was super close to winning..but the rest were faster to do so.

Anyway, it was nice of them to surprise me with the Choc a bloc cake!! We were busy enjoying the cake and forgotten to post for a group pic :p (ps..i soften the pic using gaussian blur filter function in

The cake has a rather soft u can see the candle going side ways! It is light, not overly rich and sweet which i think is just right for the palate. It wasn't jelat(the sick feeling) at all after one big slice..unlike some other chocolate cakes

Sat evening

I wanted to join them for dinner after the game, but gave dinner a miss coz it would be too late by then as I had to join the stomp gang for drinks at Ice Cold beer over at Emerald Hill..oh speaking of which..I kinda miss the tapas at Que Pasa..been such a long long time since I been there. As usual it was always a blast meeting up the gang. Full of laughter and noisy banter! Thanks Joe for the oreo cheesecake :)

Ice cold beer has a very extensive collection of beers!

It has been ages since I last had alcoholic drinks. Me and ethanol just don't go hand in hand! I never like the flushed face, heart racing feeling...least to say the after effects! I seldom drink to the point of a hangover coz I usually drink in small proportion . Perhaps 1 bottle of barcadi breezer proved just too much for my body -_-''''''

I didn't really drink on an empty tummy...since the guys ordered some wings to go along with the drinks.. I ate some as well. Anyway, I was feeling sick when we parted for the night...and thankfully a friend accompanied me while waiting for the cab. I made it home in a piece hehee :P


DK said...

Happy Birthday.

Julian said...

Happy Birthday! May you be filled with happiness and health all your days!...hey where's the fire extinguisher pic??

Eileen. 静 said...

oh yeah! hahaha;..thanks for reminding me! will post it up!!