Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dim Sum Dollies & The History of Singapore (点心宝贝)

Sunday 15th July 3 pm

Dimsum dollies @ the Esplanade

After missing out on previous Dollies performances, I told myself I have to watch it this year. No doubt the Dollies appeared in the "Little Shop of Horror " last year, it just wasn't really "their show" . So, I was glee when Stomp had a contest to win tickets to "History of Singapore" and I promptly joined and was lucky to be one of the ten winners :)

So, there I was last Sunday, happily clutching my prize tickets * a pair of $58 each tickets for circle 1 seats * at the Esplanade. I shared the prize with my dear brother :) The seats were great! Mine was right smack in the center. Had a great view of the stage.

Apparently Edwin , Alicia, Jacklyn and a few other friends also bought tickets for the same show time (yes, if not for the prize, I would have been watching with my dear friends :P )

Ah, back to the Dollies. It is so true to for them to say that there are dim sums out there to represent each and everyone one of us! Gee, kinda forgot what dimsum was Pam and Emma, but how can anyone forget that Selena is a dua bao(大包)?!? haha. And how can one leave out the chopsticks when eating dimsum! So there was Hossan Leong the Chopsticks ;]

The four of them totally different and each a class of their own managed to come together and complement one another , entertaining us with their wonderful singing, dances and laugh inducing scripts and lines.

Hossan really brings out the essences of the characters he plays. He speaks the accents so well and convincing . Pam is feisty , Emma is sultry and feminine while Selena is talented and really funny.

The play as with the name "History of Spore" ..recounts how our little island was discovered by Sang Nila Utama back in the Temask days.. and how some great people like Alexander, Cheng Ho ching snubbed at the tiny size of our island( fake of course) . It isn't just all about history . Recent hot topics were brought up as well for instance as the rise of GST, the top leaders pay increment , hit and run cases by some local actors etc .

They also paid tribute to one important (李) person . For perhaps , just perhaps, without this person, S'pore wouldn't be what it is today :)

Oh, we were also given a Singapore flag each ..just like those from NDP. We waved our flags and sang to local *love your country * songs such as "count on me singapore'' at the last scene. It was just like national day! That's exactly what the director Glen Goei wrote in the program notes " Singapore's alternative to the National Day Parade" :]

What more can I say! One has to be truly Singaporean to be able to understand the whole of the production.. and I truly am one!

* took a photo with the 4 lead casts :) * oh the program notes this time round also doubles up as a calendar! But I probably wouldn't be using it :) Gonna keep it. The photos are funny :P

Brother and Me with the DSD n Hossan

Oh, for the records, I think I wanna be Har Kao :}
What dim sum do you wanna be??

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