Thursday, July 19, 2007

Guilty..but I am not rich enough leh...

I was walking towards Plaza Singapura yesterday *before going to NAFA for gamelan practice* when I saw two young guys standing somewhat near to the mrt station, approaching passerby.
I was thinking to myself "eek..better not walk too near... must be insurance agents!" With that thought, I try to avoid making eye contact and walked briskly as I got nearer to them.
But, darn, I was stopped in my pace nevertheless by one of the guys.

"Hi miss, can you pls spare me a min? Don't worry, I am not trying to sell you anything"

At that moment, I really wanted to say what I usually would have said in such a situation that I am in a rush, but dunno why, I just said OK ;/

"Thanks miss. By the way, I am Ben cannot remember his name lah and you are?"

"I am Eileen"

With that being said, he showed me a crinkled laminated color pamphlet showing a young girl in front and big red name of the society he's from. Okay, I am wrong this time's not insurance but chartiy... He's from the Cancer Society. Well, no harm listening since it's for a good cause and he's from a registered organization. .

Ben went on explaining how the soicety operates, how they help those in need of treatment , how bad cancer can be etc. And all the while I was 'studying ' the pamphlet. I was wondering how much donation is he asking for.. I flipped the pamphlet to the back and saw " payment by credit card" and '' not accepting cash". Wah.. like that ah.. that means this is gonna be more than a mere $10?

All the while when I was standing there listening to Ben, I glanced from the side that Ben's partner was trying to approach other passerby... and strangely, he only seem to approach females.. (is that a tactic? )

Ben interrupted my thoughts and pointed out to the pamphlet.....

"So Eileen, you can help them by donating everyday for instance the price of a can drink ($1.20+ I think) to the price of a simple meal ($1.9+) to the price of a plate of chicken rice ($ 2++)''

You must be thinking how much those amounts worked out to in a month huh..

The minimum donation amount is $38..followed by $58 and last one being $78. Ben was very eager to 'close the deal'.. he 'shoved' me a copy of the donation form.. can apply for tax exemption you know... -_-""

Aiyo, it's not that I don't wanna donate. But the min. is $38 a month. It's quite a considerable amount. I told him that I would have to give it a thought about it. He wasn't pushy or anything, and we shook hands and I left him in search of other donors. I mean who knows how much % of that amount actually goes into helping the sick.. I don't wish to help pay for another golden tap..

If the min. amount is $5 a month.. perhaps I would fill out the form there and then ...

*lynn reminded me that with the recent fiasco.. not many would gladly donate as they used to..*

Dinner -- one of my fav. black sauce wanton mee!!

Parklane wanton noodles @ Sunshine Plaza

$3 for small plate. 3 fried wantons, generous serving of charsiew.. *juicy and sweet!* unlike some places, dry and tasteless. Oh, there are 2 tiny wanton in the bowl of soup as well. I love the black sauce..

Just wanna show you guys my latest mobile phone accessories :P
Some of my friends have actually asked if the chuppa chup is real! hehehe *the chuppa chup is not the real one is fake.. *

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