Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The one who watched Ocean's 13 (Stomp Event)

Venue-- VivoCity Golden Village

Stomp free movie treat-- Ocean's 13

Yup yup, I won myself two free tickets again from Stomp! This is part of Stomp's week long first birthday celebration. As I mentioned, my bro and Jan couldn't make it, so I made a last min. sms to Chrissy on Monday nite and yeah..she is free to join me :) Been quite a while since we ladies watch a movie together.

So come 5.30pm, I was already at Vivo, walking around Dasio, with no intending of buying anything. I kinda guess that the stomp booth should be ready rather early, hence my prompt arrival. I never quite like Vivo for the both the layout of the building as well as the crowd. Was feeling disorientated. Anyway, I made my way to the Stomp booth at GV, showed them my Ic and collected my tickets and freebies . Just at that moment, Julian texted me, and off I went to meet him at a nearby cafe. Soon enough, more friends arrived but i didn't really mingled much . Joined Chris for dinner at Carl's. Simply couldn't get enough of the salsa :P

freebies in a paper bag:-
note book, lanyard, magnet
and a keychain*not shown here*

Ticket collection booth

Candid shot of the 2 of us :)

I must say that it was an entertaining movie, though the starting was a bit slow. But it did pick up pace shortly. The disguises were good! Love the scientist one by Brad Pitt and Matt Damon's big hooked nose heee :P

My rating--paw prints out of 5

Smart, suave , sexy

It certainly was a delightful evening, managed to get a glimpse of some stompers .. Oh, cute little Jenson was there too (way way too tall for his young age ) .. looking good with his new hair cut! oops... not forgetting Toddy! Boyish Toddy hehehe :P

Gosh, I wanted to keep this entry short.. but I went on and on ..

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