Thursday, June 14, 2007

the one still looking pretty much the same


Some friends have been asking me what have I done or will be doing to my hair. Like I say, am quite prudish when it comes to my hairstyle. As what the stylist told me, I can't really cut it too short now for fear of hair becoming unmanageable and also becoz of the uneven hair length. Gotta outgrow the rebonding and layering first :P So, it's still afterall a very "eileen" hairstyle. Oh, the guy who cut my hair is kinda cute friendly. We chatted throughout the cut and found out that we were once neighbours--same block and same floor...many yrs ago, in Upper Boon Keng. Singapore is really small after all.

Anyway, the weight of my hair is much lighter now, and yeah, pretty sure that it will start to curl..but, at least it has more volume now. Am bored of the flatness..specially the fringe area :P


I am tired of the lifeless long straight hair that hangs over my shoulders. Did you say a perm? No...not gonna perm my hair :P Knowing how 'safe' a person I am when it comes to hairstyles, this time round it will still be 'safe, nothing over the top. After all, I can't chop off too much considering my face shape. No perms coz I still prefer straight hair :)

more updates later...

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