Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Singapore Arts Festival --Bones in Pages 勅使川原三郎《人體書頁》

Gee, I really didn't know the Singapore Arts Festival is celebrating it's 30th anniversary this year! To think that the first SAF was in 1977! :)

There are a lot of good international performances in this year's line up . I heard from friends that Sacred Monsters was good, sadly, I missed it. Anyway, there are more plays and musicals to catch in the coming months, so I had to prioritize and allocate my choices :P

So , what did I watch this evening? Caught a rather avant garde , post modern dance performance --Bones in pages by a rather renowned Japanese dancer - 勅使川原三郎 Saburo Teshigawara.

I seldom watch dance performances, so I though it was an 'interesting' one . It is really up to an individual to interpret dances. But I guess one can 'criticise' on the dance movements and techniques. Personally I think it was refreshing, and I like how he played with the lightings on the stage .

Did I mention about the crow~? Yup, there was a real live crow in the setting :P It seems to signified how the dancer felt; trapped in his own world. I didn't quite like the 'music' in the first scene -- mixture of noises and metallic rustling . I was trying not to laugh at some of his movements as it came across like a person in fits ( he was trying to bring across his body's fluidity) . This performance didn't went down well with some of the audience, some people walked right out after the 2nd scene :P and Jacklyn was baffled by the dancer's movements .
Overall, I rather enjoyed it.

Anyhow, the evening ended with us having coffee at our usual haunt- Menotti. Looking forward to Sinfornia Eroica (another dance) on Sunday ! Oh, of course, Ocean's 13 this evening at Vivo!

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