Friday, June 15, 2007

Not quite Fantastic, but still enjoyable

It was quite an impulsive decision to catch F.4 last night. I text him to see if he was keen to watch it one of these days, and his reply was 'now'. I found myself collecting the tickets at Cinelesisure which I booked via the cinema website an hour plus later. There he was, seated near the big screen , eating his hotdog bun. All of these seems very deja vu.
Anyway, the movie picks up from where it left off in part one. Reeds (the stretchy rubberized one) is about to marry Sue (the invisible one) But it was put off again coz they have to save the earth from further massive damage made by the Silver surfer and the his strange master, Galactus. I found certain parts of the movie has this "been there done that" feeling. Kinda typical of such comic action heroes storyline.

There were definitely comical moments, and I like the rock guy,Ben. Oh, one thing though, I dun quite like Jessica Alba's blonde hair.. quite 'off ' :P

My ratings--paw print out of 5

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