Thursday, June 14, 2007

Of Shopaholic , stationery and shorter hair

I finally lay my hands on Sophie Kinsella's 'not so latest' book, "Shopaholic and Baby". I wanted to purchase it months ago, but it just doesn't make sense to buy a 'chick lit' since I am probably gonna read it once and chuck it in the shelves. So, I reserved a copy with the library. Sophie's books are so popular; every single copy of this book was on loan when I did an online search on the library's catalog. Hence, I was 'forced' to make a reservation :P I finished 2 chapters yesterday on board bus 61~ ! Best part is, I didn't get motion sickness haha. I like the way she writes , witty and funny .. not long winded.

I popped by this colorful toy shop after collecting "shopaholic " and couldn't resist getting these cute stationery for myself. They are all made of wood. The colors simply cheers me up :)


Croccy said...

Only lions no crocodiles?? hee hee

Eileen. 静 said...

deary..hehee.. got! oops. should have bought it for u :PpPp