Sunday, June 17, 2007

The One @ St James--Stomp's 1st Birthday

Venue -- St James Powerhouse
Time-7 -10pm

Was there on the dot at 7pm :) Collected our stomp card at the entrance and proceeded inside Powerhouse . It was good to be among the first few to enter. Managed to secure a good cozy corner table..and we were quite near the stage as well as the food table :P I guess I was too hungry...coz totally forgot to take snap shots of the food..

Shall spare u the details of the nite..just look at the photos :)

Najip Ali and sweet Annabell Franics were the event hosts . There were performances by St James singers as well as Juz B * 1 of the Ch U superbands*

Some photos- Samba Percussion , Bollywood version of Shakira's Hips Don't Lie
and Sylvester Sim *very skinny*

Launch of the Stomp Card

Care for some sugar high? Super sweet

Alicia n Me..hidden in a corner :)

Edited version-- only the color

there were a few roving photographers.. two were armed with
fuji instant polaroid. Here's ours..badly badly taken

why are we in the corner of the photo?
what's the big space there for?
over expose shot ..we looked like ghosts

*shakes head*

Did not mingle much with the others as it was far too crowded and I didn't quite like the music. So we left about 10 pm. Was really contemplating if I should go over to the Changi chalet, but it started to pour over at vivocity. In the end I boarded the train and head over to the airport.. decided to spend time with family instead. We went to pick Wei Min up!! She's back for a 3 weeks term break :) Look out for the next entry ... Ciao for now!'s how the stomp card looks like .

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