Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nicole the lil' cute naughty tyke

Very random entry

Last Tuesday--Hotel Quality Porridge supper

We waited quite a while for a table.. it was nearly 11.30pm when we got there..most tables were taken already. Didn't know it was so popular, despite the fact that I only stay like 4-5 mins away by car.

I am hungry... and sleepy...

Candid shot of Mum n daughter
--just look at Nicole! haha
pouting away!

Last Sunday

was over at Sembawang, collected some items from Chris and played with the little one :)
She is learning how to voice out her thoughts and ideas now. And of course, still 'obsess' with saying "no" to everything :P

Check out her curls! hehee... i think she may
wanna rebond her hair next time :P

Grinning away in the car
So Cheeky!!

this is the original photo :/
my face got 'chopped' off

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