Monday, June 18, 2007

Basil Alcove---alfresco fine dining ala hawker style

Basil Alcove
17th June --Sunday evening

The girls and I just couldn't resist giving this place a try after reading *reviews on blogs etc* and hearing so much about it. The location itself is already pretty interesting, given the fact that most eateries there are either your run of mill boring hawker food or vegetarian offerings. Well, you may not even notice this place if you simply walk 'blindly' down Middle road, along the outskirts of Fortune Center.

For those who hasn't been to BA yet, don't expect frills and the air con. It's all naturale .. It was all good when we were dining there. Not too warm, had a bit of breeze. Actually I am not too sure if reservations were really needed though we did call to reserve a table. There were walk in customers who were able to get a table.. *wasn't crowded at 6.45pm* perhaps bcoz it was a Sunday.

Prices at BA are quite cheap reasonable, given the fact that ingredients used are quite fresh, especially the prawns and cod fish :) Oh, Jac feed backed that the white wine isn't that nice .. then again , it's quite a personal taste sometimes when it comes to wine :)

The young chef is big on presentation... and we love how he dresses up the food!

Here's what we have eaten :)

Starter-- Smoked Duck n baked zucchini
tasty , light, flavorful
worth paying $7+

Cod fish with beetroot puree *on d left*
coupled with mash potato n french beans
beetroot puree's light, with a hint of sweetness, cod fish nice n fresh.
just that the skin was kinda charred

Slightly pricey for it's cod fish

Chicken with avocado puree
coupled with mash , french beans and peach
I found the chicky kinda salty and the girls though it was a tad dry
but still, it's quite a steal at $7.80 *i think*

Pasta *forgot the name of this dish*
has generous serving of prawns!

Jaclyn studying the menu

whilst Alicia n I ....ahem..
busy self taking pics :P

Just had to pose in Alicia's new pair of shades

Alicia looking cool...


alicia said...

i'm here to share my thoughts...i'm a lil confused here >.< that your boyfriend? the one in shades

Eileen. 静 said...


err.. that person in shades is also named Alicia. She's my good gal friend.. not boy friend. -_-""