Saturday, June 23, 2007

I saw a big white dog!

This entry is all about white dogs~~

Been to Vivocity lately? Well, I have, and no less than 4 times in the past 14 days...that's really something to me :P One good thing is I kinda finally got myself familiarized with the mall .. albeit too much walking.

Managed to meet up with Karen for lunch and a little tete a tete.

We were spoiled for choice to what to eat for lunch as there are just too many food outlets available. Anyway, we settled for White Dog Cafe eventually :) They offer daily set lunch set( soup, main course, coffee/tea ) with an array of main courses to choose from. Set lunches starts from $10.80++. You can top up the difference for other soups or add ice cream to your set :)

The chicken consomme's terribly bland!
Do top up $2 more for the creamy mushroom soup
Both dory and salmon were delicious

We parted after lunch and I just had to swing by to the Pet safari to 'say hi' to the cute doggies. Guess who I saw having a dolling up session?? Just take a look!!

Big poodle!? Very docile ! The dog didn't flinch at all
when the groomer was combing his fur :)

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