Monday, June 25, 2007

Eeeks! Stupid Eye Infection!!


okay...the condition has improved. The redness has subsided, the swelling is down.. the funny 'i got something in my eye' feeling is gone too. But I guess better be good and wear my glasses later on for the dinner gathering. Sheesh.. i really hate in going out in my glasses


boo hoo!!

I've got an eye infection~~

My left eye is now kinda teary, the white is 'red', and lower lids appeared to have this murky film and the tissue surrounding the eye seems swollen. I got a shock when I saw my eye in the mirror. Just had to give Chrissy a call as I remembered her suffering from similar conditions . I thought I was going blind -_-'' . eye drop now.. guess I may have to see the doc in the morning. Anyway, it is very likely to be some contact lens related infection. First time in all my years of wearing lenses :P

So, friends whom I will be meeting for dinner later this evening... Yeah, you may see me in glasses (eeks..yucks) ... Let's just hope this infection clears up after my sleep.

Wish me well..........


Kevin said...

Heeey!! Me too!!!

Just caught the red-eyes on Fri :(
Today - Monday - still red :(

have to use those darn droplets

and worse...
have to wear Specs!!

Not goin out...

Eileen. 静 said...

kor! i know.. going out in specs is like eeeks horrible.. :P

so sad u not going tonite.. but i think your red eye must be quite take care!

mine okay liao.. but i guess may not wear contacts for now..sobsob