Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The One who went Vivocity again

25th June 06 Monday Venue-- Marche @ Vivocity
I was joined by 12 other friends from Stomp for dinner at Marche. Sadly, a few others couldn't make it due to work commitments. It would have been double the fun! It's okay, I am sure there will be more chances for such gatherings :]

A couple of new friends joined us for the first time last nite! That's quite a feat! Considering how difficult it was to coax them to join most of the time (grins)

It's my first time at the vivo Marche..would have to say that the decor is striking, very swiss.. lots of cows...love it~ *can't say much for the food though* I actually circled the small food area more than 3 times and still couldn't decide on what to eat (lack of variety) Everyone has started eating when I actually got my food ;p The good thing about marche is the ability to house big groups .

*edited* have removed the photos...decided not to post them after all..Just look at what is left.. :/
I had to remove my glasses when it comes to photo taking.. was feeling so uncomfortable in glasses~ cannot really be myself

cool couple

my vain moment

only two food shots--mine and the friend's next to me..
the rest have started munching already :P

++ my clam chower, sausage and mashed potatos ++

~Veggie and pork knuckles~


update on eye infection--

saw the doc yesterday before going for dinner.
Within a mere 10 mins in the doctor's room, I became $17 poorer. No thanks to the stupid infection. I was prescribed with a tiny bottle of medicated eyedrop.

Honestly, this eyedrop tasted terrible~! No no no.. of coz I didn't drink it. After administering 2 drops from the tiny bottle to my left eye, I waited for the dreaded moment. The moment where I can taste the solution in my throat. It usually takes 10 mins. or so before it trickles down my throat . Can't they make the eyedrops in perhaps strawberry or perhaps chocolate flavour? Anyway ..still have to use the eye drop despite the appalling bitter taste :[

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