Thursday, May 31, 2007

The one who saw "Saw" on Star movies

For some promotional reason, I am able to watch Ch 58 (Star Movies ) and Ch 60 (HBO). Have caught quite a few good movies which I have missed watching on the big screen in the past 1 or 2 yrs these few days :)

I sat in my dark living room (save for the light from my room) from 12.55am to 2.45am (last nite? early thursday morning?) watching SAW. Imagine me glued to the couch...whimpering from time to time.

This movie really took the icing off the cake! As in being one of the most horrific movies ever produced. I kinda refused to watched it 2 years back when the first Saw was released.
I hope the other Saws are as good as the first. Maybe it's just me..but I thought the storyline was good! The last bit was wow... I never saw it coming...haha.. as in Jigsaw was the 'dead' guy.

Anyhow, I couldn't fall asleep right after.. and had to 'de- Saw' myself by channel surfing for something light hearted. Humans are so contradicting sometimes, we jolly well know we would be spooked/endanger by some certain stuff, and yet, we still wanna watch/try it ourselves. Yeah, I should be catching up with the other Saw installments.. and Saw 4 will be released later this yr :P

the crazy Jigsaw...

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